Tamiya 1/32 Sptfire IXc

Scale: 1/32
Manufacturer: Tamiya.
Type: Injection moulded plastic.
Price. £84.99 From Relish Models


What can you say! Well at a hundred pound for a 1/32 scale spitfire is a lot BUT and it is a big but, with the amount of detail in the kit your not going to need to spend any money on extra resin or Photo Etched parts like alot of kits.

  • Detailed Merlin engine.
  • Engine cowlings only 0.4mm thick.
  • Cowlings feature small magnets so that they can be easily detached.
  • Drop tank attached with poly caps.
  • Bomb rack with 250lb bomb.
  • Early and late style wheels.
  • Extensive photo-etch set included.
  • Fully detailed cockpit interior.
  • Early and late style gunsights.
  • Rubber brake lines and tyres.
  • IFF antenna panel.

There are also numerous optional parts including two types of air filter, two types of exhaust stubs, two types of engine cowlings, two types of cannon bulges, two types of rudder and two types of elevator. Also included are two pilot figures, one seated and one standing. A small, photographic reference manual is also included.

Markings are included for the following aircraft:

  • JE-J, Wing Commander J. E. "Johnnie" Johnson, Kenley Wing, RAF Kenley, July 1943.
  • ZX-6, Polish Fighting Team, No.145 Squadron, Tunisia, 1943.
  • GC 1/4 "Dauphine", French Air Force, Nha-Trang, Indochina, 1948.