The MDC 1/32 Hawker Typhoon

Kit No. CV32037

Type: Resin, Photo etch, White Metal, vac form(canopy)

Recessed panel lines

The first thing you notice when you get your hands on the box is its weight, as being all resin it is quite heavy. The box is made from strong cardboard and has a stylish black and white design on top.

Its when you open the box for the first time that you realise you are in for a treat as the parts totally fill it. Being resin, all the parts are loose and have therefore they have been placed into plastic bags.

First up is the two fuselage halves. The casting of the resin is first class and the surfaces are nice and smooth. Like most resin the parts do need to be tided up and any excess resin from the casting process removed and sanded down, which shouldn’t take long at all. A quick dry fit shows that the two halves should go together quite nicely. The recessed panel lines are just right and the rivets look good too.

Next the wings, which are rather heavy. They have been cast in solid resin so they are nice and strong. Yet again the detail and panel lines are spot on, so too is the detail in the wheel bays, which should look good when painted up.

When it comes to constructing the Typhoon, MDC have been very clever in the way they want you to go about doing it. Instead of just placing the parts in any old bag, each bag contains the parts for a specific stage of the construction process.

In the first bag, we have the parts for the cockpit and what a cockpit it is. As you can see in the photo below there is a lot of parts crammed into one bag. Basically you get absolutely everything needed, from the framework to a rather nice PE fret of the Sutton seatbelts. I can not put into words how good the parts are and the amount of detail that has been put into it. MDC have even put in a small sheet of decals for the instrument panel. These need to be placed on one at a time and there is a small piece of paper telling you which each decal represents, They have been printed by the fantasy workshop.


The bag below contains the parts for the wheel bays and the undercarriage. This consists of some pipe work to go into the wheel bay and the parts for the doors, The main struts have been cast in white metal and just need a little tidy, yet again they have been superbly cast. The wheels are resin and the tyres are weighted.


The next bag contains the tail rudder, elevators and the radiator parts. A simple clean up is all that’s required. Also included are the lights etc, it looks as though these have been cast in clear resin and are still attached to the casting block.


Next are the parts for the rest of the wing, this bag consists of the flaps and the cannons. Yet again I can’t fault the parts.

There are two vac formed canopies included, Ed (entlim) and myself think they may be made from clear resin. Hopefully they will polish up.


The only parts left now are the exhausts and the nose cone and propellers. Starting with the exhausts, each exhaust has been individually cast and are attached to a casting block. As for the propellers, you get two options here, either the four bladed or three bladed . MDC have been kind enough to include both options in the kit, so I will end up having one in the spare’s box.


The instructions look straight forward and instead of using diagrams, there is a series of photos and a description of what to. I am sure that should I have any problems I will be able to ring them up for advice.

The Decals look good too ,You get markings for five typhoons and the appropriate stencilling. The decals look to be well printed by the Fantasy Workshop, having not used there decals before I will look forward to using them.



MDC 1/32 British 3” High Explosive Rocket set


Part no. CV32023

Type: Resin and PE

To go with the Typhoon, is this fantastic rocket set, a must for any Typhoon. It looks as though there is a total of eight in the set, four on each wing. The set does include the pylons, which are not in the kit. Some tidying up is needed. The quality and detailing are amazing, however, there are no instructions on how to assemble them.






The 1/32 Typhoon is £65

The 3’ rockets are £8.25

I bought the kit at the Huddersfield Model show. MDC had a stand there so I was able to have a good look at the kit before I bought it. The husband and wife team behind MDC were very helpful and answered all my queries. Also across the aisle from the MDC stand, there was a built up Typhoon on display. It looks amazing when built up and I had chance to speak to the guy who had built it. After his glowing report I took the plunge and bought one after striking up a good deal.

This is what the Typhoon ends up like. I have to say the paint work and weathering could have been a lot better!!!!!





Overall then this kit is a little Gem and I am so glad I have bought one. Everything about it screams quality and the attention to detail MDC have put into this kit is amazing. Don’t just take my word for it, Ed (entlim) also has looked at the kit and in his words “it’s the best resin kit I have ever seen”.

Hopefully I shall start building this up next month and I will be doing a thread on it, which should be fun as I have never made an all resin kit before. Just hope I have a plenty of pound coins for the swear box!!!!!!!


Stephen Sutcliffe