Hobby Boss 1/35 M1070 & M1000
By Steve Sutcliffe



Here is a quick look at the latest release from Hobby Boss. This has to be the largest 1/35 plastic AFV kit to date, to say its a "monster" of a kit is an understatement.


Here are the details of the kit and what you get.



Price: approx: £100.


dimensions: 623mm x 109.6mm


29 Sprues

3 clear Sprues

11 PE Frets

Seperate engine Bonnet

43 Small Vinyl Tyres

9 Large Vinyl Tyres

6 Vinyl nuts (air bag suspension)

4 lengths of Vinyl duct

A length of line

2 Lenths of rope

12 metal springs

Brass Wire

Metal Axles

10 Metal tacks

9 metal brackets



An instruction manual

A colour chart.



As you can see from the list above, you get alot for your money. Looking through the instruction booklet you get to see how detailed this kit is, Hobby Boss have thought of everything including adding vinyl ducting to the kit which is used as air lines that go to the brakes and vinyl airbags for the suspension.


The kit comes in a rather nice sturdy box and has some nice artwork of the transporter on it. Inside the various sprues ll come in plastic bags. A nice touch by Hobby Boss is to wrap sheet foam around the more delicate parts and they have also used sheet foam betwwen the sprues where there is more than one sprue in the bag. Other manufacturers please take note!!! thay have also taken the Truck's bonnet, wrapped it up in sheet foam and placed it in the googies box to prevent it from getting damaged, nice one Hobby Boss. Talking of the goodies box, in here are all the PE frets, tyres, clear parts etc. All have been selaed in bags.



There is no flash on any of the parts from what i can see and they have all been beautifull moulded with lovely crisp detail. Even the vinyl tyres look nice as does the rest of the various extra bits 'n' pieces that have been included in the kit. The PE frets look very nice too and have some lovely detail. I can't fault any of the parts that come with the kit.


As there are so many sprues etc., Pictures of the sprues are at the end of the review.


The decals have been nicely printed and there should be no problems with them. You get the option to choose between two colour schemes, one in the sand coloured desert scheme and the other in the three colour camo scheme. A full colour guide is included ith the instructions.



as for the instructions,each page is A4 landscape size. The build is broken into two sections, there are 32 steps for the build of the truck/tractor and 23 steps for the trailer. At the front of the manual is a double page plan of all the sprues etc. The instructions look to be straight forward and there are colour callouts as you go.







This kit will take alot of time and effort to build, however I can see it being a fun and involoved project. For the amount of plastic and other multi-media parts that you get and taking into account the amount of time it will take to build, this kit is excellent value for money. This kit is amazing and only time will tell as to how it will build up. Hats off to Hobby Boss for releasing this kit !!!


Now what shall I stick on the trailer !!!!!!!!



Packaging 9/10
Instructions 9/10
Decals 9/10
Accuracy 9/10
Detail 9/10
Fit Untested
Extras 10/10
Value for Money 10/10

Overall 65/70






Now for the numerous pictures of the Sprues etc.




Some of the sprues are wrapped in sheet foam to protect the sprues.


The picture below shows three of the ten identical sprues!!!



















There are two PE frets in each of the bags below.



The bonnet: