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RAF Jaguar GR1

Scale: 1/48

Manufacture: Kitty Hawk
Parts used: Eduard Colour Photo Etched cockpit set
Main paints used: Tamiya and Gunze




In part one we look at the build ahead and move right on with the build starting with the bays and cockpit.


In part Two we carry on with the detailing of the nose bays and the cockpit.


 In Part Three we install the cockpit and then bring the fuselages together and then attach the forward section.


 In part Four we really push on with the build and bring it all together 


In part five we fix the last of the problems with rescribing and a few seams and then iix a spitting airbrush.


 In part Six we start on the paint work. Using the work technique we work on the Grey and white snow camo


In part Seven we unmask the grey camo to see how it came out and then fix any problems. Next we bring the chipping out and get the model decaled.


In part Eight we start with a wash to darken the panel lines and riveting details and then add staining with oils to bring the Jag to life.



In Part Nine we detail the engines and heat shield at the rear and give a weighted look to the tires.


In the final part we finish off detail the model and in stall the lights Pitot tube atc read for the final reveal.