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Part 6.

                        We get main wheelbays finished and join the wing with the fuselage.

Alright, we get the Gripen moving again after a little hiatus! Main wheelbays are painted, weathered and glued to the lower part of the main wing. We also got the fuselage and main wing together…there is a slight jump in sequence here, I apologise for that. I just moved along and forgot to take some pics.

The wingtip missile pylons are about to be glued together, these require some care and a bit of filler to get them to look good.

I prepared the fuselage with a couple of styrene tabs before I glued the main wing to the fuselage. Better play it safe and get a strong join here.

Ok, back to the wheelbays. Painted with these colors and weathered with Flory Models dark wash.

The main wheelbays painted, weathered and ready for installment into the lower half of the main wing.

I airbrushed the inside of the main wing with Hobby Color H338 before I glued in the wheelbays as there is a small lip around the opening of the wheelbay that needs some paint.

The wheelbays are in position and I have to say that there is a just drop in fit here, these wheelbays fits superbly in place. Will be interesting to see how the Aires wheelbays will fit on my next Gripen…

Ok, here we have the little jump in build sequence that I talked about earlier…anyway fuselage and main wing are together. I also got the wingtip pylons in place.

Thanks for looking in![thumb]