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     Part 5.

                                    Additional detailing of main wheelbay.

Well, it´s time for a new update of the JAS 39C Gripen. I have worked with the main wheelbays and the addition of more details to them for a more interesting look. The stock kit wheelbays are not bad at all, but I wanted to take it just a little bit further.

Main wheelbays and the parts for them. One assembled and one still to be done.


The shaded part in the wheelbay is actually a pipe going from the sidewall and through the roof of the wheelbay and is represented here by a piece of plastic lump. I decided to remove it and replace it with brass rod instead.

These are all stuff I have used for the extra detailing in the wheelbays. Styrene tubes and rods, lead wire, brass wire, phone cable insulation….tools.

A couple of build sessions later, we got some piping, wires and hoses installed to the wheelbays. It really adds a lot of interest to the wheelbays, for that busy look!

At this stage I also got the main landing gear together, so that I will be able to check for any interference from the additional detailing and also make sure that everything fits to the lower main wing half.

The main landing gear will also get more detailing at a later stage in the form of brakelines and wires.

Main landing gear temporarily fitted into the wheelbays to make sure that everything works and nothing will interfere.


Time for a dryrun with the wheelbays in the lower wing half, just to make sure that everything works and goes as planned.

A few photos with the landing gear in place as well. There are superb fit of the wheelbays to the mainwing and the also with the landing gear in place too. Wonderful!

Nothing is glued together yet, I have used blue tack to hold things in place.

So, detailing of the wheelbays are completed and it´s time to start to get the main wing together. The wheelbays will be painted and weathered before I glue them in place and then it´s time to join upper and lower wing.

Thanks for looking in!