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Part 4.

                                      The engine and intakes are finished.

Ok guys, we are moving forward with the Gripen build. Intakes and engine is finished in this part.

There is a lip on the fuselage where the intakes and fuselage meet up. I decided to remove it, so I can move around the intake to achieve best possible fit. The lip does not match the intake that well anyway, so off it goes.

I painted the intakes with Mr.Color/Gunze H335 medium sea grey before they are glued to the fuselage.

The intakes are on. There are some issues here, the contour of the intakes offers a little mismatch against the fuselage.


As mentioned above there are some issues with the intakes. I have used Tamiya white putty to high light the problem areas that have to be dealt with. There are also a difficult join between the forward fuselage and main fuselage that will need some putty treatment. I don´t like this solution, but I can see the ease to produce the twoseater Gripen later on.

There are a few small steps on the top and bottom of the intakes against the fuselage. The intakes are a bit narrow or perhaps the fuselage are to wide. Two choices here, the use of small amount of filler or you can sand down the fuselage so it match the intakes, but then you also will loose all rivets and panel lines in that area that will have to be done again later. I decided to go with the putty.

The engine.

There are a little work to be done to the CMK resin exhaust (intended for the Italeri Gripen) to mate it to the kit engine. Shaded area needs to be removed.

Here we can see the engine front with the first fan stage. I think it´s quite odd too provide a nice engine in the kit, but no intake channels to mate it with….perhaps a resin company solve the problem if we are lucky.

Ok, we got the CMK resin exhaust mated to the kit engine.

A final check of the CMK exhaust before paint session starts.

These are the paints used for the engine and the exhaust.  Alclad II, Steel, Burnt Iron and Hot metal blue. Gunze H85 Sail color for the engine internals. FM dark wash for weathering. Also of note is that I have used Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss black as a base color for the Alclad colors.

The engine is painted and weathered and ready to go on the Gripen. The black “ribbed” ring in the lower part of the exhaust will be painted in the same color as the fuselage of the Gripen.

Engine are completed and glued to the fuselage, again the black “ribbed” ring will be painted in the fuselage colors at a later stage.

Also, as you can see, the rudder is on as well. I turned the rudder to the portside for added interest.

So, intakes and engine sorted and completed. Next in line will be to work with the main wing and main wheelbays.

Thanks for looking in!