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        Part 3.
                                               The finish of the cockpit.

Ok, the build move on as planned and the cockpit is now finished so we can move on with other parts, such as the engine and intakes.

First up is some new reference material. This is Mark.I dozen set superb reference photos and a huge decal sheet with markings for 12 different Gripens from all current users of the Gripen system and some of the recent years Tiger Meet shemes.

The decal sheet.

The detail painting of cockpit is done and only subtle weathering is applied. I can´t believe how hard it is to get good photos of an all black cockpit.

I have used the kit dashboard and the decal for it…and I´m surprised how good it came out and actually looks really great.

I decided to use CMK resin Martin Baker Mk.10 EJ seat over the kit seat. The CMK seat has moulded in harness and is quite tricky to paint. I normally prefer to have PE seatbelts/harness.

A couple of photos of the finished cockpit. The EJ seat is just temporarily in place and will be put to the side during the build.

The HUD coaming is on as well, together with the instrument panel.

As stated above, it´s quite tricky to get good photos of the all black cockpit…oh well!!!

The HUD display is in place and I painted it with a thin coat of Tamiya Clear green.

The front windscreen is in place and it fits just fine too, just a little filler will be required in the front join towards the nose.

The windscreen is taped in with Tamiya tape for protection and we got a bonus view of the great looking dashboard as well.

Ok, next up will be to sort out the engine, intakes and canopy.

Thanks for looking in!