1/48 Eduard Su-25 Frogfoot Limited Edition:


  • Were the sprues individually bagged?
    • No all main sprue's were in one clear non re-sealable bag
  • Was the clear sprue in a separate bag?
    • Yes - Zip Lock Baggie variety, a very nice touch to keep the small parts from getting lost once removed from the sprue, prepped with your favirite "Clear" and safe keeping for final instalation to the model.   No damage, scratch marks detected.
  • Were there any additional protective measures used which might warrant bonus points?
    • No extra protection or seperate cartons where added. The sprues do tend to move about slightly in the box, the box size could have been made smaller to prevent shifting during the many shipments these kits go through, or a hard cardboard insert would assist as well and would be highly appreciated if manufacturers start looking into those.
    • A seperate small parts box, "a la" Hasegawa limited edition series could be a nice touch.
    • The "Brassin" parts were inseperate baggies and stapled inside the box as provide a little extra protection against shifting
  • Is the box art worth raving about?
    • Box art is so-so in my opion, Eduard has done some great box art in the past with some of their re-pops, this time it seems a little rushed, the Red "surround" does catch the eye though on the shelve  .
    • Certainly still much better than Hobby Boss and Trumpeter.
  • Were any parts damaged?
      • No parts were damaged, or broken off the sprues, no loose parts.
      • No scuffing or marring of the plastic visible.
      • No visible pin marks, no sink holes or short shots of plastic to be detected throughout all Sprues.
      • No damage or punctures, scratches in the decal sheet.
      • No damage encountered on the PE fret.


  • Are they clear and easy to follow? 
    • Eduard instruction booklets are in my mind the best on the market today. Quick "Blue" highlights indicate optional parts, such as PE replacements, and/or variant options. Included as well is a quick reference for their Masking placements. A very nice & welcome addition to ensure no mistakes can be made by the builder. 
    • Also any part that requires cutting or removing are shaded in the "standard" Eduard way of indicating these actions in "Pink/Red".  Again a very nice touch in their instruction manuals and am hoping that other manufacturers take note and follow suit to make this the "standard" of the plastic modeling industry.
    • Well layed out in clear steps that are functional and excelent subassemblies throughout. A marked improvement over the original KOPRO kit's instructions.
    • The glossy feel of the booklet gives a sense of luxury and the color profiles are the best of the industry.
    • Lovely background history on each subject is provided.  In addition, Eduard is making all color profiles available on line for further study, as well as the complete instruction booklet, should you ever mis place it a quick connect to Eduard website gets you settled.  Another excelent touch.
    • An additional super detailed page for all the stencil data.
  • Do they include multiple languages? 
    • Yes, 5 languages are provided for English, Polish, French, German and Japanese
  • Are they accurate?
    • Assembly steps for this subject are accurate and easy to read without being overly complex. No misterious missing parts to report.
  • Do you agree with the build sequence?
    • As this is an inbox review and the subject kit being quite simple and small parts count, the sub assemblies reviewed do make a lot of sence and should prove no issues to be encountered.
  • Do they include colour call outs?
    • Yes full color call outs are provided using Mr. Gunze paint range both Aqueous (water Based) and the Enamel based.
  • For multiple paint types? 
    • No and no cross-references provided to potential FS color ranges/options.
  • Painting profiles?
    • Eduard color profiles are some of the best in the industry, the line art is some of the best quality in print and well researched.
    • Here is continuing to hoping that Tamiya and Hasegawa take a note out of Eduards book and switch out to the layout booklet size, glossy feel and color profiles Eduard provides. .
  • In colour?
    • The 6 available options are very well researched. 


  • Are they accurate?
    • Comparing the 6 profiles and options for markings with internet sources they appear to be well within accurate model limits. 
  • Are they in register?
    • Eduard uses Cartograph for their decal sets and are of the best quality seen in the modeling industry.
    • They are a beauty to behold, nice clear crisp within register, vibrant and (deep) colors (White is notorious for being opaque, but these look very good), very thin with a minimum clear border (carrier film), check out the close up photos of the decal sheet.  Roundels are indeed "Round" when checking against a metal drafting circle of comparible size.
    • The National Red Stars are the best I have seen, the thin Red borders have been difficult to produce accurately by "other" manufacturers. 
  • Are stencils included? 
    • Yes, they are of very good quality and can be read under a magnifying glass.
  • Are there many schemes catered for?
    • Very much welcome the nice colorful examples included and as such provide a wide range of operators and options for modelers to choose from. 2 Shark Mouth versions and one with some very nice side nose art.
  • Are seat belts or instrument decals included? 
    • Yes, The PE set nicely adds to the overall feel of the cockpit and dresses it up quite well. Some pieces are colored such as the instrument consols and front panel.
    • The photo etched parts adding further detail out the sparse original plastic cockpit/canopy, wheel bays and fuselage. The downside is that some of these parts are very tiny and/or look very fragile (especialy the ones for the pitot tube vanes).
    • In some cases the instructions ask for the removal of part of the plastic pieces to replace these with, much more accurate/scale like, photo-etch items.
    • For someone not used to dealing/gluing PE, or modifying plastic pieces, this might become quite a challenge.  Personaly I love these sets.


  • How does the kit compare with the real thing? 
    • Comparing a few on line photographs of the SU-25 subject the general outline (shape) and dimensions wing/fuse length/span are quite accurate.
  • Are there any glaring errors? 
    • Perhaps the most disappointing parts are related to the very much and always present rocket pods.  The ones include din the kit are wrong shape, too thick, out of round etc, and would be in need of replacement.  Hope to soon see someone generate some nice resin rocket pods soon !
  • Can you think of a remedy for errors spotted? 
    • A nice addition that "could have been" is to update the included fret with the fins for the wing tanks and can as such be replaced with a more scalelike (read: thin) feature. 
  • Are there any after market sets available which are worth considering?
    • Honestly as much as I am into adding a ton of aftermarket products to my build the 2 items that stand out most are;
    • The need for detailed wheel wels, the kit versions are blank walls pretty mush.
    • Some resin wheels for all the variants that are more accurate in shape and rim types.


    • All panel lines are of a medium variety engraving, of similar depth and within scale width.
  • Is the detail crisp or soft?  Can it be easily enhanced? 
    • Molding of these sprues are done in a medium soft Grey plastic than the "standard" encounterd Tan plastic in Eduard's releases.
    • The sprues are consistent throughout each part and from sprue to sprue.  The plastic might be a touch too soft when reacting to Tamiya's thin cement so some caution might be in order. 
    • The detailing is a little soft to my liking and reminds one that this is a re-edition of an older kit.
  • Was there lots of flash? 
    • There are some very very minor flash areas to be seen as shown in the super closeups of the sprues .
  • Are the clear parts thin or thick, or deformed?
    • Clear parts are fairly thick, but distortion free


  • If the kit has been built, how well did it go together? 
    • NA - In box review, stay tuned for an up and comming detailed photo build in the very near future in our forum.
  • Was the parts fit generally good, or were there lots of gaps?
    • NA - In box review
  • Did you need to do lots of dry fitting? 
    • NA - In box review
  • Can you think if any advice that would help others to build it?
    • NA - In box review


  • Did the kit include any photo-etch or resin parts?
    • Extensive (for this subject) PE set for cockpit instruments, grilles, seatbelt harness etc. 
    • Chafe flare bucket resin replacements, and nose gear cover.
  • A canopy or marking masks?
    • A very handy set of Quick Masks are included for the canopy, wheels and hubs.  
  • Hoses, chains or metal barrels?
    • N.A. 
  • Were they any good or necessary?
    • Eduard PE continues to set the standard for PE add on parts.  In my opinion these little gems provide just the right size of modeling challenge and additional detail to make this rebox of the old KOPRO plastic a winner.
  • Any other goodies?
    • BRASSIN range EJ seat which is very accurate.

Value for Money:

How does the cost of the kit compare with its contemporaries? 

  • Compared to the KOPRO offering a bit pricey, but provides some excelent extra's to update the kit to a higher accuracy factor demanded by today's competative modeling industry.
  • If it costs disproportionately more, do any aspects of the kit warrant the higher price (Think decals, accuracy, detail and fit)? 
    • I bought this kit for $60, some might say is expensive for a model kit. In my opinion the price was not unreasonable for having a good decal set, excelent PE parts, a ton of different markings, and a resin seat/chafe buckets etc. 
  • Are there any other options available?
    • This a re-box of the older OEZ/KOPRO release and marketed as a Limited Release by Eduard.  IE: this first offering includes PE sets and the new BRASSIN resin EJ seat.  Eduard will most likely release the ProfiPack or Weekend editions as they have done with their other lines of subjects.

Packaging     8.5/10
Instructions   10/10
Decals          10/10
Accuracy      9/10
Detail           8/10
Fit               Untested
Extras           9.5/10
Value for Money   8/10

Overall          63/70

We hope to soon start an in depth photo build and associated full DVD build.