Eduard 1:32 scale
Bf 109E-7 Trop

In this review will we take a look and build the new release from Eduard, The 1 : 32 scale Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7 Trop.
This is the fourth version that Eduard has released of the Bf 109. This time the focus is on the North African front versions and the biggest difference from the previous E-4 release is that the Trop version has a sand filter on the air intake and that comes as photo etch in this kit.

The kit comes in a sturdy top opening box in Eduard's usual style with nice color profiles on the sides
of all the included marking alternative
The kit contains of 176 parts on six sprues and they are bagged in two plastic bags, even that there is three sprues in each bag so has no parts come lose and I can't see any scratches.

There is also one bag with the clear sprue with nine parts and they are crystal clear without any scratches. A sheet of pre-cut masks for the canopy and the tail wheel rim is also included.
The main wheels has separate tires and rims, so they can be painted without any need of masking.

The kit also include two frets of photo etch, one is pre-painted.

The parts has very fine recessed rivets and panel lines which will look great when painted and the wash is applied.

All the control surfaces come as separate parts so you can position them as you like. Also the leading edge slats is separate parts and they should be glued in the out position as they always is out on the ground,  they are spring loaded and will automatic go out when the airspeed decreases.

The instruction book is on 16 pages and printed in color on heavy magazine type paper.The build sequence is very explanatory and the steps feels logical.

The decals come on one large sheet and contains markings for five aircraft. The sheet also contain
full stencils for one aircraft and there is also swastikas included. The printing of the decals is done by Cartograf in Italy and they looks very nice and thin, they are also printed in perfect register.
Based on past experience so will the decals work great with Micro-Set and Micro-Sol.


The plastic in the kit is little softer compared to Hasegawa and Tamiya kits but it is great to work with, there is a little bit of flash on some of the parts, not a big problem but I think it's worth to be mention.

The build starts with the cockpit and it is very straight forward and the PE parts bring some very nice details to it.

You have to decide early in the build if you want to have the full engine in or not. If you put the engine in so can you don't have the cowling closed after because it will not fit over the engine.
I want the cowling on so I skip the steps on building the engine. Eduard has split the information over two side for how you do if you don't want the engine in so it is a good idea to look carefully and plan before you start the build.

The fit of the airframe parts is very good it only take some light sanding after the cement has dried.
The fine line of rivets on top of the spine becomes lost in sanding so I have put it back with help of Trumpeters riveting tool.

The result shows best when a primer coat is applied.

To make a better fit of the wings so have I not cement the wings together before it's placed on the airframe, I have cemented the top half on first. To do so can I sand the wing to a very nice fit.

To make the fit even better, just sand the top of the main gear attachment point.
This will give you a little more movement to position the wing tight to the airframe.

The wings in place with a tight fit.

If you want to use the drop tank  so have you drill out the hole before you glue the wing together.
Eduard don't mention this in the instruction only when it's time put the tank in place so is the hole there.

The bottom part of the wings fits great after some sanding and dry fit. There will only be a small
gap in the rear against the airframe but this is so small, a little dissolved filler will take care of this.

The rest of the build is very straight forward with no big issues.

Primer coat is on.

Pre-shade is done with Tamiya XF-69 Nato Black

And all painting is done

There can be no doubt that Eduard have produce another excellent kit in every respect, with great build possibilities. The manufacturing level is top quality, with great attention to details. The build runs very smoothly with no any big problems, just take your time and dry fit and sand the parts so will this kit go together nicely. It can look a bit expensive but I think that is not, for you really don't need to buy any other aftermarket pieces, everything is all ready in the box. So to sum this up can I say that if you want to build a Emil is this, or one of the other Eduard's Bf 109, the kit to go for.
Highly recommended.

Schwarze 8, 2./JG27
Ain-el-Gazala airfield, Libya 1941

Kit: No: 3004 Bf 109E-7 Trop

Producer: Eduard

Contents: 176 parts 9 clear parts 2 PE frets one pre-painted
                 Pre-cut masking

Markings: 1 sheet with stencils and markings for 5 aircraft

Price: approx. £45 

Paints: Lifecolor: German Luftwaffe Colors
                             UA 512 RLM 78 Hellblau
                             UA 505 RLM 79 Sandgelb II
                             UA 506 RLM 80 Olivegrün
                             UA 501 RLM 70 Schwartzgrün
                             UA 504 RLM 02 Grau

Tamiya: XF-2 Flat White
              XF-7 Flat Red

Gunze: H77 Tire Black

Varnish: Johnson Klear
              Xtracrylix Flat Varnish

Wash:  ProModeller Dark Dirt
            ProModeller Sand