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Uncovering the US Navy QF-4B/J/N/S Phantom by Danny Coremans



Published by DACO Publications



I first spotted this book at Telford back in November, unfortunately I had already spent far too much so decided to ask Santa for it at Christmas!. All I can say is that if you like your Phantom’s and are partial to a bit of scratch building, this book is a must for your reference library. There are 176 pages of superbly produced images, and with around 5/6 per page, no part of the Phantom is over looked. Each page also contains a small but informative caption explaining what each of the component’s function are. Another great addition is a small tab on the corner of each page, as the book is broken down into sections, these tabs make it easier to locate the area your after. Along with the tabs are small line drawings of the aircraft, with the area being covered on that particular page coloured in red. This is a real help, as I have spent many an hour looking at a close up image of an area and not having a clue as to where it is on the aircraft.


 For those going one step further and looking to build a detailed diorama, a complete section on how the Phantoms engines are removed has been added, and again the images show every little detail possible. The last few sections concentrate on the aircraft’s many weapons pylon’s and goes into great detail about the ordnance itself, there is a really useful line drawing page dedicated to ordnance, how they are marked, and how they were used.


To finish the book, there are two large pull-outs (one 1/48 and 1/72) of plans. As well as showing the airframe, they also show the difference in each types, nose, tail and stabilisers. Turn over the drawings and your treated to drawings of each type’s cockpits with a small list naming each part.


This book, along with Daco’s other US Navy types will be an invaluable addition to your reference library's and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They retail for around £30, which for the amount of quality content is not too bad at all. Now where are those stashed Phantoms!