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M3A3 Bradley

Scale: 1/35

Manufacture: Meng
Parts used: Out of The Box
Main paints used: Tamiya and Vallejo







In part one we look at the build ahead and start work on the wheels and suspension. 


In Part Two we work on the tracks and then work on the upper turret.


In part Three we finish of the turret and then move it all over to the paint booth and get the primer on.


In Part Four we start work on the sand colour for the wheels and the work on the tracks and wether them in.


In part Five we start work on the weathering with the pigments.


In part six we continue with the weathering this time using washes.


In part Seven we work with neat oils to blend colour and more washes.


In part Eight we start to bring it all together adding final weathering the glass etc.


In the final part we finish off with a pigment scrub and add the last details for the final reveal.




 photo DSCF0678_zpsazn5rg9s.jpg  photo DSCF0677_zpspqepoajw.jpg  photo DSCF0676_zpsokgkfcr8.jpg  photo DSCF0675_zps1dzdnq3u.jpg  photo DSCF0674_zpsd9cfajdo.jpg  photo DSCF0668_zpskmoyymrs.jpg  photo DSCF0670_zpsufqpvac6.jpg  photo DSCF0672_zpsj93capue.jpg  photo DSCF0673_zpsqddfgk8x.jpg  photo DSCF0659_zps5tfftvrn.jpg  photo DSCF0660_zpspynkpxuj.jpg  photo DSCF0664_zpszukfvb0d.jpg  photo DSCF0665_zpsxswc7hht.jpg  photo DSCF0658_zpsjvyjxexx.jpg  photo DSCF0657_zpseeftn1iu.jpg  photo DSCF0656_zpscnhsryev.jpg  photo DSCF0652_zpskmvkt0mx.jpg  photo DSCF0653_zpszloxxcuo.jpg  photo DSCF0654_zpsgzji0qht.jpg  photo DSCF0655_zpshwksyo2h.jpg  photo DSCF0650_zpsw6xwmk4p.jpg  photo DSCF0649_zpsvjspxptb.jpg  photo DSCF0648_zpsapcdfqor.jpg  photo DSCF0647_zpswmwenvce.jpg  photo DSCF0641_zpsjqyzpmd9.jpg  photo DSCF0643_zps0utytmkp.jpg  photo DSCF0644_zpsd41ppjfe.jpg  photo DSCF0645_zpsg8maopv1.jpg  photo DSCF0640_zps4rlhzpml.jpg  photo DSCF0639_zps585eoqxq.jpg  photo DSCF0638_zpsigxwgdxp.jpg  photo DSCF0637_zpsbhknnnfz.jpg