Airfix new tool 1/84 Seafire

By Dan  O'Grady


For me this has been one of the most eagerly awaited kits so far from Airfix, even more so than the launch of the 1/48 Mk.XII Spit.
After seeing the moulds of the latter kit earlier in the year I was anticipating good things.

Anyway, enough of me babbling.

The kit:

The R.R.P for this kit in the U.K is £18.99, although their are already cheaper deals out there.

It arrives in the new design red box, with very nice box art.
The box is quite large and sturdy, but it is in no-way oversized for what is inside.
On first opening the box, I noticed how snug the sprues fitted inside. No movement or damage to parts was evident.

The clear parts were in a separate bag inside the main bag.

Sprue A:

The panel lines are definately getting better from Airfix, these ones seem a little more refined and sharper than the Mk.XII Spit.

The moulding in general also seems more crisp, and details are sharper.

Optional retracted or extended arrestor gear.

Centreline fuel tank.

Optional wing tanks or rockets.

Pilot figure seems well moulded.

Sprue B:

Again, nicer panel lines from Airfix. Some may think they are still a little too deep, but my opinion on them is they're fine, and a vast improvement over earlier new releases!

Wing fold mechanisms.

Split flaps and folding wingtips.

Different hub options.

Also has the option for weighted wheels.

Clear parts have no visible scratches. 2 main canopies, one for open position, the other closed.

Instructions are nicely printed, clear and methodical.

3 decal options in the kit, and each have a nice colour reference chart.

Decals are excellent quality and in perfect register (printed by Cartograph).

Airfix are definately going from strength to strength at the moment, and to me this kit is evidence they are listening to our community.
Yes, there are very slight signs of flash on some small parts, but nothing to pose a problem, and ejector pin marks seem to be in out of the way places, except for a few around the cockpit area and seat.
At the end of the day you ge a lot of bang for you buck in this kit, and in a world of ever increasing prices across the hobby, that is definately something to think about.
Even if you're not into this type of aircraft, I would still recommend the kit. Although 'the proof is in the eating' and I haven't built it yet, but if the Mk.XII Spit is anything to go by, then it should pose no real issues.


Packaging 9/10
Instructions 8/10
Decals 9/10
Accuracy 8/10
Detail 7/10
Value for Money 10/10

Overall 51/60