AFV Club 1/35 Russian T34/76 Factory no.112 with Full interior
Kit no. AF35143
RRP: £37.99

Here is a look at the new release from AFV club of the T34/76 with full interior. First a couple of pictures of the box showing the top and the side of th box which has photographs showing the interior.

On opening the box you are greeted by a box full of plastic which includes:

14 sprues of plastic
two hull halves
A fret of PE
nylon thread
vinyl tracks
metal springs and brass barrel
and a print of the box art

First the sprues, there is nine sprues of grey plastic, 4 black plastic and one clear sprue. The moulding is first class as is usually the case with AFV club kits. I have yet to notice any flash and the level of detail is exceptional. Only during construction will you know if the ejector pin mrks prove to be a problem.

Sprue A: the majority of parts make up the engine

Sprue B x2 : suspension, sprocket and idler wheel

Sprue C: mainly interior

Sprue D: interior and exterior

Sprue E: Exterior

Sprue F: Turret, AFV have replicated the surface texture and the seam welds rather well.

Sprue G x2: Road wheels

Sprue I x4 : tyres for the road wheels

Sprue H: clear parts

the two hull halves

PE fret

The brass barrel which has been beautifully turned and the metal springs. The springs are used to make moveable suspension, I look forward to putting the suspension together to see how well its been designed. The instructions make the build process of the workable suspension look straight forward.

The vinyl tracks which are glueable with normal plastic cement.

Also included is a piece of nylon thread which is used to simulate the tow cable. A section of metal cable would be better however the thread should look good under a coat of paint and weathered accordingley.

The decals. There are four markings options available, three in overal Russian green(2) and one winter camo scheme. AFV use the paint colour name instead of paint numbers throughout the construction process. However there is a comprehensive colour chart at the front of the instructions giving the Gunze/Humbrol/Revell/Lifecolour paint equivelents. Its worth noting that Lifecolour have recently brought out a Russian Tank paint set.

The instruction booklet: its a 16 page booklet witha breif history of the tank on the front. the build is made over 29stages which are easy to understand.

and Finally!!!! As with many of AFV's recent releases they have included a print of the box art. The print is A4 size and the art work is rather pleasing. It can also act as a guide when you come to weather the tank.

I must say that I am rater impressed with this kit. If you have never built an AFV club kit before then this wouldbe a great introduction to this band. The detail is exceptional straight from the box and a highly detailed kit can be built without the need for aftermarket parts.
The only snag I can see with this model is how you would display it. With all that incredible interior detail a way must be found to show it off. You either leave all hatches open or you don't glue the two hull hales togther. One thing for sure, I am looking forward to building it!!!!!!