Accurate Armour 1/35 Jackal-2 SRV


The Supacat Jackal-2 is a 4x4 Survaillance and reconnaisance Vehicle(SRV). It is an updated version of the Jackal-1 and is used by the British Army.

Here we take a look at Accurate Armour's kit, which consists of resin, pe, plastic rod, brass rod, lenses and decals.


Here is the box:



Inside the resin comes in four plastic bags:


The V-shaped hull of the Jackal comes in two pieces which will only need the tiniest amount of dry fitting. The parts have been beautifully cast and the detail level is superb.


Here is a selection of resin parts. The part number has been cast onto the casting block to make things easier, a rather nice touch. As you will see the detail is excellent though the parts will need a little cleaning up as there is quite a bit of flash, not a major problem and shouldn't put you off.


The two PE frets alog with some close-up pictures


Other materials included in the kit are plastic rods, brass rod and nylon string. The string for example acts a tow cable and the brass rod as the wing mirror supports.


Both coloured and clear lenses have been provided


Finally the decals:


The instruction booklet


the instructions are a series of colour photographs


Overall, this is a beautiful kit of the Jackal-2. I have built resin kits from Accurate armour before and the construction is rather straight forward. Being a resin kit you will have to put a little extra work in than you would with a plastic kit.

Accurate Armour produce some fantastic kits and this is no excepion.I am looking forward to putting it together.