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1/48 Gripen File

  • Kittyhawk JAS 39C Gripen

    Again from Jonas we have the new Kittyhawk 1/48 Jas-39C Gripen


  • Gripen part 2

    With the forward fuselage and cockpit put together I moved along and finished the nosecone as well. The Gripen will be a tail sitter and needs some weight added to the nose. The instructions tell you this, but not how much weight needed.
  • Gripen part 3

    The finish of the cockpit.

    Ok, the build move on as planned and the cockpit is now finished so we can move on with other parts, such as the engine and intakes.

  • Gripen part 4

    Ok guys, we are moving forward with the Gripen build. Intakes and engine is finished in this part.


  • Gripen part 5

    Well, it´s time for a new update of the JAS 39C Gripen. I have worked with the main wheelbays and the addition of more details to them for a more interesting look. The stock kit wheelbays are not bad at all, but I wanted to take it just a little bit further.

  • Gripen part 6

    We get main wheelbays finished and join the wing with the fuselage.